Student feedback

MSA University - Mass Communication Student feedback

Board of Study and Student Representation.

The purpose of the board of study is to provide a forum for discussion between students and staff involved in all aspects of the course.

The membership includes:
- Chair (Dean).
- Director of Quality Assurance.
- Director of Student Affairs.
- Advising and Registration Manager.
- Relevant course leaders.
- Student Representatives.
- Support Services Representatives.
- Secretary to take the minutes.

The students volunteer as representatives at the start of each academic year and students’ affair ensures that all various interests on the course are represented. Student representatives are responsible for notifying the board with the students concerns, suggestions and complains. A meeting is held during each semester normally in the weeks 6-8 as declared in the quality assurance calendar. Dates of the board of studies are published on MSA website.

The agenda must include all obligatory items but further items suggested by student representatives and members of the committee should be added where appropriate.

The minutes should cover all agenda items and include a summary of the main points of discussion and an action/outcomes list. Any actions required should include the timescale, the name of the person responsible and when a report back to the board is expected, they should also include progress of actions from the previous minutes. your social media marketing partner
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**Important announcement for MCOM second year students;

Who are taking either MCOM 211a, MCOM 212a, or MCOM 231a this semester are urgently required to officially Declare their major by downloading the Major Declaration Form, filling it out and submitting it to Office B147 (Reference Mrs. Mariam Magdy or Mrs. Nourhan Abdel Rahman).

Due date for Major Declaration is November 30th 2017.

Download the Major Declaration Form: