Sharing Experience: Bursting with Potential

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Sharing Experience: Bursting with Potential

Sunday, November 17, 2013 marked the launch of Sharing Experience by the Faculty of Management Sciences; the programme is administrated by Engineer Ahmed El Essawy, Business Development Director at SPEED Group (P&G - Marai) Partner, Dr. Mohamed Khattab, General Manager of SIGMA Pharmaceutical Group and Engineer Amr Ghazaly, General Manager of Juhayna.

The launching event was an introduction by Eng. El Essawy and Dr. Khattab to explain the details of the programme to the 3rd and 4th year Management Sciences students. The administrators stressed the importance of sharing our experiences with each other as it allows us to decrease our mistakes while still gaining valuable experience. Eng. El Essawy stated that the programme will consist of lectures with real-life case studies, workshops, a business-guru guest speaker and at the end of the semester there will be a simulation similar to “Store Wars” as well as choosing over 60 MSA students for summer training and employment opportunities at SPEED, SIGMA Pharmaceuticals and Juhayna. The programme will discuss the topics of HR, investment, strategy, marketing, management and supply chains. MSAU would like to thank the administrators of the programme for their belief in the future of Egypt and for choosing MSAU as the convenient starting ground for an extremely high-potential programme that has expansion plans to other prestigious universities. We would also like to thank the Faculty of Management Sciences represented by Dr. El Sayed Nagy, Dr. Samia El Sheikh, Dr. Hala El Marsafy and all the TAs that have worked tirelessly on realizing this project.

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