MSAMUN Dominates the Awards Podium at the Budapest International Model United Nations (BIMUN)

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MSAMUN Dominates the Awards Podium at the Budapest International Model United Nations (BIMUN)

The MSAMUN delegation representation at the conference was a smashing success and they returned home with a handful of awards for MSAMUN and the Modern Sciences & Arts University. There were more than 52 participating schools and universities and the competition was very high but the MSA delegation not only won the “Best Delegation" award, but also dominated the individual awards. Yousra Shawki was awarded “Best Delegate of the Economic & Social Council”. Sherif El-Ashiry received the “Best Delegate of the International Criminal Court” award. Also Mohamed Ali got the “Best Delegate of the University Level BIMUN”. The delegation was supervised by Dr. Samia El Sheikh and Dr. Hala Marsafy.

During the conference each council had to discuss and debate different topics; the Security Council discussed the conflict between India and Pakistan while the Economic and Social Council discussed the Doha Round Treaty. As for the European Union Council, it discussed integration or disintegration of the EU and the International Criminal Court had a hypothetical trial. The MSAMUN delegation was able to successfully debate the given topics in a way that landed them all these awards. The MSAMUN Group was originally initiated as a student activity back in the Dokki campus and was Reborn in 2010 when a group of students decided that it was time to bring it back again to MSA, to add a political flavour to the University's diverse pot of extra-curricular activities. By being a part of the MUN, you would benefit greatly in many areas concerning International Politics such as the different steps of recruiting new members and training them to different roles and councils, or the ability to integrate a multi-skilled team that can participate in the conference. Also, the experience boosts students' research and reading skills as well as presentation in front of large audiences. MSA University is delighted and proud of you all for your brilliant success and proud representation of Egypt: Ahmed Hesham, Ahmed Mostafa, Deenah Amer, Donia Salah, Jailan Yasser, Jasmine Hassan, Mohamed Abdel Khalik, Mohammed Ali, Nada Khaled, Nour El Kattan, Omar Zaghloul, Sara Magdi, Sherif Darrag, Sherif El-Ashiry, Yousra Shawki. Of course this wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous guidance of Dr. Samia El Sheikh and Dr. Hala Marsafy.

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