MSAMUN Awarded Internationally

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MSAMUN Awarded Internationally

MSAMUN was given rebirth in 2011 to provide a platform for undergraduate students to develop their interpersonal, research, and communication skills. Since 2011 MSAMUN has organized four rounds of conferences and preparing for the 5th MSAMUN 2015 Conference. With each conference MSAMUN has witnessed various forms of growth and expansion for MSAMUN as an organization.

In 2013 MSAMUN introduced a 3rd Academic Council, not only does this mean the capacity to accommodate more participants it also means exploring another field of academics. MSAMUN currently explores International Relations, Political & Global Economics, and International Law, through its three councils: Security Council, G20 Summit, and the International Criminal Court. MSAMUN has also put forth its charter that serves as guideline for all MSAMUN roles and expectations and required behaviors of all those involved in MSAMUN. In addition to the organization's growth, MSAMUN was represented by its participants in International MUN conferences in different parts of the world. In 2012 MSAMUN sent its first delegation to the first international conference in Harvard USA and it was the first international exposure that gave the delegation an outstanding experience that they communicated to the rest of the students when they came back. In April 2013 a delegation went to their second international conference in Budapest. MSAMUN's delegation competitively represented the Modern Sciences & Arts University and was able to win the Best Delegation Award. Furthermore, three participants also received the Best Delegate award in their respective councils. In 2014 MSAMUN proudly announces its successful participation in 2 of Europe’s finest MUN conferences in 2014. In March 2014, MSAMUN had a delegation of 14 students in the Mediterranean MUN (MEDMUN) conference held in Menton, France. The conference had participating students from various universities worldwide including: MIT (USA), University of Nottingham (UK), and London School of Economics. MSAMUN delegation remarkably represented MSA by bringing back home 2 Honorable awards. MSAMUN also notes that one of our students was chosen as a member of the executive board of the MEDMUN conference. In April 2014, MSAMUN had a very strong presence in the Budapest International MUN (BIMUN) with a delegation of 21 students. BIMUN had a total of 400 students on the University Level with 52 universities from Europe. MSA students participated in 6 out of 9 committees on the university level discussing topics ranging from International Peace and Security, World Trade, Nuclear Proliferation and International Law. MSA achieved the Best Delegate award and the Best Delegate for the University Level award. It is worth noting that MSA University is the first university to win the Best Delegate for the University Level award two years in a row.

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