MSAians Volunteer in Fayoum

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MSAians Volunteer in Fayoum

Out of deep sense of corporate social responsibility and MSA mission to engage our students actively in their community, Lebaladna Social Foundation adopted giving generously considerable amounts of convenience donations. Having this concept in heart and mind, the Foundation visited yesterday Saturday, February 9, 2013 Al Asfar Village in Fayoum Governorate to distribute 500 blankets wrapped with warm affection to the needy and less fortunate villagers during these nights of freezing cold weather, besides renovating 18 houses in the same village.

As for "Al Eshash Al Baharia Village",they renovated seven houses. Volunteers of 14 students and 12 Faculty members participated in that trip. The best ever reward for that act is to get a smile accompanied by the sense of contentment which showed clearly on villagers faces. Without the support of each and every volunteer or supporter to our just causes and initiatives, we wouldn't have made it.

Lebaladna Foundation felt so gifted for having such an opportunity to make a change for the sake of it.

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