MSA University Hosts German Embassy Visit

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MSA University Hosts German Embassy Visit

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 marked an important day for the scientific faculties as well as the literary faculties. We were honored to host Dr. Martin Bergfelder, the head of the Scientific Department at the German Embassy, to explore and deliberate the possible collaboration methods between MSA and Germany.

Dr. Bergfelder arrived at the October campus with a gasp; he was very impressed with the size, architecture, landscaping, sports facilities and layout of the campus and wished that he had visited us earlier. “When I arrived at MSA I was very happy indeed.” After a quick tour of the campus and the sports facilities, led by Dr. Nawal El Degwi and Dr. Khairy Abd El Hamid, we headed for an extensive tour of our free dental clinics. Dr. Bergfelder was received by Dr. Hala Zaatar, Dr. Fatin Kamel and Dr. Mona Wali as well as other Dentistry staff and students. The tour followed the steps that a patient would go through from the waiting area to the diagnosis rooms to the X-ray, Endo, treatment rooms, etc. Dr. Bergfelder was extremely impressed with our Dental Hospital and said that he wishes such institutes would exist in Germany. He also added that he sees a deep potential for partnership between our Dentistry school and German counterparts. After the tour of the dental clinics, Dr. Bergfelder headed to the SSB to meet with the deans and staff of all 9 faculties as well as the heads of the different departments. They introduced him to our academic, entrepreneurial and charitable achievements and efforts. Afterwards, he stated that he was exalted with the level of MSA and that our long partnership with such prestigious British universities is a very healthy indicator of our academic merit. He also said that there is much that MSA has to offer the German people and vice-versa and that he will be working closely with us as well as German universities to coordinate collaboration efforts in the form of student and staff exchange programs, field visits to industrial and medicinal institutes, scholarship and fellowship programs, joint workshops and projects between Egyptian and German students and staff as well as entering global competitions as one team.

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