MSA Held its best yet Sixth Employment and Internship Fair

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MSA Held its best yet Sixth Employment and Internship Fair

The 6th successful "Training and Employment Fair" was held inOctober University for Modern Sciences and Arts for the sixth yearsuccessively. It attracted, as usual, a lot of renowned employers whoare seeking the cutting edge expertise of MSA and other Egyptiangraduates. Dr Nawal El Degwi, the Head of the Board of Trustees waspresent accompanied by Dr Khairy Abdel Hamid; President of MSA, andthey commended the efforts of the organizers of the event from CareerGates and MSA students.

The fair was held on the University campus in the heart of 6th OctoberCity. As a part of its academic role, MSA pledged to enable studentsto attain the high-rank jobs, trainings & recruitment opportunitiesbesides other universities' graduates in addition to its constant rolein supplying the Egyptian market and International companies with thebest graduates who combine the excellence of the best British HigherEducation, the Egyptian Culture, the proficiency in English language,the modern technical skills and creativity, as MSA graduates haveconfirmed and commended the exquisite organizational skills of theFair directors and ushers from the students. The Employment and Internship Fair made a lot of employmentopportunities available for the new graduates of different majorswhere it hosted about 30 of the largest and most renownedinternational, regional and national companies. Each of these companies had interviewed students, on the spot, to select thechoicest ones to fill their vacancies as they are the best candidatesof MSA and other universities. The Fair was open to other universities' graduates besides MSAstudents providing that they have postgraduate degree besides threeyears of experience.The fair was attended by more than 2000 students and graduates throughthe two days of the event. MSA students have organized the EmploymentFair in co-ordination with the renowned companies to help thegraduates attain their goals. The distinguished students haveregistered their names through the network. That achievement showedthe excellent standard of MSA University's students who applied allthe skills they have learnt and put hands-on experience during theircourse of study to reach that marvelous result. It's true, the brilliant tomorrow starts today under the sponsorshipof Career Gates, MSA School for Training, Teleperformance and others.

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