Life without Smoking

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Life without Smoking

In association with "Life without Smoking" Society, MSA launched one of its most effective campaigns yet in the guiding and changing of harmful habits, specially smoking. As they were keen and enthusiastic to learn, 600 students attended the event and quite a few quit smoking as a result. The campaign ran for three days consecutively in order to encourage more willing students to participate, after which 17 of them, actually stopped smoking and pledged to help their colleagues quit this self-destructive habit.

The campaign was very much fun and a lot of effort was exerted by the organizers for the sake of pleasure and utmost entertainment, it featured an Acrobat Group and a clown from Parkour Group. MSA also believes in the sheer power of peer-pressure and its effect, so we hosted some of the Hall-of-Fame Players, such as Khaled Bibo and Kareem Hassan Shehata, to enlighten the students on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, where they ended the day with a complimentary game between them. It all concluded with more fun to enjoy the Mawled atmosphere by setting swings, enjoying the Sugar Cane juice, popular Folk Arts like Tanoura Man, The Circus and Tatoos from Satouna, as well as Shamshoon El Gabar (Shamshoon the Mighty), a knife-thrower and a fantastic performance by a group of parkour enthusiasts (EgySwift , est. 2008). MSA students who quit smoking were honored by MSA giving them a certificate of achievement, as a merit of their success, in presence of the young actress Aida Al Ayoubi who assured the importance of enlightening the students with the dangers of smoking that causes different types of cancers and tumours. That call, like all the others, concurs with the target of the campaign, "Life without Smoking”.

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