Just Be Happy - MSA Workers Appreciation Day

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Just Be Happy - MSA Workers Appreciation Day

MSA Mass Com Students organized a day to honor the workers and drivers of MSA at all levels to make them happy and appreciate the efforts they exerted to make the campus beautiful, neat and tidy and very well organized. Dr Sherine Sabry who was in charge of this eventstated that the main purpose here was to encourage students to servethe community which makes people happy and feel appreciated for what they're doing.

On the other hand students competed with the workers in different games where presents were given to the winners. Also there was clothes exhibition which was distributed among all workers; each took his share of fun and happiness. They also enjoyed the refined music.Samy El Tony of Dental Medicine and one of the event organizers mentioned that all workers were grateful to be honored and spent a fun day with the students and thanked them for all the things they got.

As for John Adel of Mass Com he added that the idea occurred to MSAUniversity which coordinated with Coca Cola International Company tohost the workers during that day to show its appreciation to each and every worker who take good care of that dear place.

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