Be Happy on Orphans Day Event

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Be Happy on Orphans Day Event

MSA Mass Com students interacted with the community in a superb way as they invited and hosted a lot of orphans from October 6 hostels to fulfill their social commitment and make the deprived children as happy as they can.

Dr. Sherine Ramzy who was in charge of organizing the event mentioned that they were trying to encourage the students to get involved in serving their community and spread peace and tranquility among the children and orphans. There were also a lot of games, races, activities, a magician, an air castle, face painting and Muppet Show. The organizing students distributed presents, meals, balls and balloons to every kid.

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إعــــــــــــــــــــلان هــــــــــــــــام

طبقا لأحكام القانون رقم 46 لسنة 19733 بشأن تدريس مادة التربية العسكرية بالجامعة فعليه. على كل طالب متوقع تخرجه في دور يوليو وسبتمبر 2017  ان يبادر بالتسجيل في موعد اقصاه 23/05/2017