Spectacular Innovations at Faculty of Engineering's Annual Exhibition

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Spectacular Innovations at Faculty of Engineering's Annual Exhibition

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts was proud to witness its Engineering students" innovations which were presented in the Workshop Building. The exhibition included all grades of Engineering Faculty where they participated with about 250 projects that prove their cutting edge awareness of the requirements of the ever changing job markets. As a matter of fact, Faculty of Engineering students combined their theoretical knowledge with the practical application and excelled in presenting their projects. In the exhibition the students displayed their hands on experience which is in harmony with their studies.

The judging panel had an impact and impressed with what they have witnessed of the thorough technological standard of the students and with their ability to surf the World Wide Web with all its electronic paths besides mastering the English Language which is an important channel to international fields of knowledge.

Among the interesting projects, there were wheel chairs for handicapped persons which are used as an escalator. There was also an electronic election programme. Another innovation was an alarm system for drivers with hyper tension which can control the vehicle, stops it and calls the ambulance for help and also prevents the driver from falling asleep. Add to that security systems for restaurants management. Another system was to trace and recognize cars (RFID) for protection against thefts or accidents through a mobile phone. Students also presented a hot air generator for green houses and chicken incubators.

Dr Nawal El Degwi, the Head of the Board of Trustees, stressed the fact that MSA sponsored that exhibition to accentuate the academic role that based on extensive research then application which are major and inseparable traits of the educational process at MSA to prepare our students for the industrial realm to be better able to exchange information, ideas, innovations to get recruiting opportunities in global organizations.

Thank you Faculty of Engineering. You made us proud. Keep up the good work.

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