Scientists` Spotlight in the Faculty of Engineering

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Scientists` Spotlight in the Faculty of Engineering

MSA has a fitting success story for this remarkable feat, he is one of our very own here and we cherish his work with us. He harbours special personal interest in the rare fields of Biomathematics and Bioengineering.

In February 2013, Mohamed Khalil Ibrahim obtained his PhD in Pure Mathematics from the faculty of Science-South valley University-Qena, while also working as a lecturer assistant in the Faculty of Engineering here at MSA. His field of interest is fractional order differential equations and its applications in real dynamic systems especially in Physics and Biology.

His PhD thesis spots on the dynamics of infectious diseases through the mathematical models, this can be utilized by doctors, for example, to better treat patients and protect them from infectious diseases such as H1N1. During his time at MSA, Dr. Mohamed has published 9 papers throughout his PhD study and 2 papers for his MSc study, these papers have been published in respectable worldwide journals in the USA, the UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Egypt. His MSc thesis was published as a book in Germany.

Knowledge and Ethics are the most expensive stock a person can have and nurture, and we can say that we at MSA are very proud of Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim for achieving his PhD in Pure Mathematics by seeking knowledge in new and unique interests as well as maintaining a strong working-ethics code. We wish you further success and hope that your story goes on to inspire many others to keep their eyes on the target and overcome the obstacles in their way.

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