MSA Organizes "Happy Foundation Day" for Eng90 Students

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MSA Organizes "Happy Foundation Day" for Eng90 Students

“Happy Foundation Day” is an event organized by the English90 to celebrate the skills that they have acquired in the course as well as their talents in front of all MSAians.

Each section had a newsletter referring to what they have done in the English90 some talked about the course, others about the class, other about the teachers, and some of them about the cultural activities that were organized (Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, or Khan Al-Khalili).Second was a talent show that included singing, guitar playing, and a stand-up comedy.

Then it was the Spelling Bee competition between the sections in the vocab and the new words that they have learned in the course to motivate them for the final exams and enjoy some healthy competition.Students have greatly enjoyed such a creative event that was both fun and educational as Dr. Khayri AbdelHamid, MSA President, joined the students and discussed their newsletters.

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