MSA holds its 6th Annual Architecture Students’ Exhibition  

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MSA holds its 6th Annual Architecture Students’ Exhibition  
"The Exhibition included MSA students’ graduation projects from the Architectural Engineering Department, as well as projects completed by under graduate students enrolled in all courses offered by the department that has recently been revalidated by MSA’s valuable UK partner, University of Greenwich.
The professors have commended the students for their hard work, variety in themes, and integrating environmental and social aspects of the communities they worked with, such as al-Darb al-Ahmar area where students planned Art Centers renovation.
Dr. Nawal el-Degwi and Dr. Khairy Abdel-Hamid have visited the Exhibition and honoured students who won the 3rd place at Urban Innovations Competition held at Cairo University.
Dr. Maysa Omar, the Exhibition’s coordinator and instructor at MSA, said that students have been working very hard for the day that allows them to present their work to professors and professionals and receive their feedback, advice and comments on what they have done.
Several professors from MSA and other educational institutions have attended the Exhibition, including Dr. Tarek Saleh, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Design, Dr. Omar Fawzy, Head of Architectural Engineering Department, Dr. Yahya Shedid, Dr. Aleyya Abdel-Hady, Head of Architectural Design Department, Dr. Sameh El-Feky, Dr. Dalia Samy and Dr. Ahmed Affifi.
Projects were varied from interior design and graphics to building, housing and history, integrating design concepts and social, environmental and developmental aspects in selecting and executing the projects in order to develop local communities in Egypt.
The projects we have seen indicated students’ talents and knowledge, as well as the professional guidance and support they got from their instructors,” Dr. Aleyya Abdel-Hady said. “Architectural design is a long process that starts with ideas and ends with execution. How people live is as important as design concepts, and this is clearly obvious in MSA students’ projects.”
It is noteworthy that MSA’s trust and appreciation of its architecture students has encouraged the higher administration of the University to call motivated designers to participate in an architectural competition meant to develop the food vendors' area at MSA October campus."

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