MSA - Greenwich joint elective course

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MSA - Greenwich joint elective course

MSA University's Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Construction, were hosted by Greenwich University's School of Architecture this summer to work on their joint elective course “Sustainable Cities.”

It was a two-week course focusing on the city spirit and included visiting London, Manchester and Cambridge. Their studies and discussions were concentrated on the routes, places, the natural of the enclosing mass and about the infrastructure (food / water / waste / Energy / Transport of people and goods / places to live and work). Finally, the course concluded with an exhibition of the students' work, where they displayed sketches and photomontages of places they visited as well as visions of spaces with future sustainable cities.

This exciting experience helped students of both universities exchange experiences and explore each other's cultures. Special thanks to Greenwhich"s School of Architecture for this warm welcome, MSAians are certainly looking forward to the next visit!

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