ESE Graduation Project won The First Place Award at IEEE ICECS 2015 International Conference

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ESE Graduation Project won The First Place Award at IEEE ICECS 2015 International Conference

The Faculty of Engineering and the Electrical Systems Engineering Department are proud to announce that a paper, titled “FPGA-Based Hand Gesture Recognition & Marker Tracking for Augmented Reality", prepared by two ECE graduate students, Abdul Rahman Awf and Farida Hamid, and their grad project supervisor, Dr. Noha Younis, was successfully accepted in the IEEE 22nd International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS 2015).

The paper highlighted some novel contributions of the students' graduation project, concerning with the Augmented Reality (AR) interactive system design, on one side, and improving the pedagogical methodologies, by applying such AR systems in schools and nurseries, on another side. The conference was held on December 6 – 9, 2015, in Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis, Egypt.Furthermore, the project team exhibited a demonstration about the practical achievements of the project in the Innovate event (Inno-vent) session of the conference, competing for the best senior year projects awards. The awards are based on the novelty and the potentials of the project to drive further research, as well as the quality of the practical demonstrations and the attraction; they get, during the session. The project demonstration won the first place award among over 10 other demonstrations, from various public and private universities, that were formerly accepted and nominated to be presented in the Inno-vent session.

The award jury, consisted of foreign and Egyptian professors, as well as a number of interested participants, praised the high quality level of the work that exceeds being just a distinctive graduation project. They were also interested in the social contribution of the project as it plays an effective role to enhance the students' concentration and make the educational process more appealing. By the end, they pointedly encouraged the project team to proceed forward, searching in the augmented reality field, which is considered one of the most exciting state of the arts nowadays. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that, the project team received $200, each, as the first place prize award.

The picture shows the winning team with Professor Samy El-Hennawey, the Head of the Electrical Systems Engineering Department.

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