Engineering Success Story at MSA: First Egyptian Agricultural Meteorological Station

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Engineering Success Story at MSA: First Egyptian Agricultural Meteorological Station

The 17th of June of this year witnessed a unique occasion of its kind: the signing of the contract of the design and manufacture of the first agricultural meteorological station holding mechanism with pure Egyptian technology, and that between each of the engineering design company created by a group graduates of the Department of Electrical Systems Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Said Mabrook and the businessman Mamdouh Ghataty, the owner of the largest farms for exporting mangos and green creams.

The contract was signed in the presence of the former Minister of Higher Education Professor Ahmed Abdul Khaleq and President Prof. Dr. Khairy Abdul Hamid and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Professor Nahed Sobhy and Head of the department Prof. Dr. Sami Hennawey.

The young graduates and Mr. Ghataty met during the thirty-second National Radio Science Conference, which was held during the last March. On the of the margin of the conference, there was an exhibition, where the young graduates presented their first products that drew the attention of Mr. Ghataty and lead him to invite them along with Dr. Saeed and Dr. Samy and everyone in the attached picture during the visit which was last May.

The weather station has been delivered on Wednesday the fourth of November with the presence of the Education Pioneer in Egypt Dr. Nawal El-Degwi, Head of the Board of Trustees and the university, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Behairy who is a president of research at the Ministry of Agriculture as well as previously mentioned professors and a group of senior invitees.

It is really a remarkable success story achieved by the university where it was put in the priorities linking education requirements of society and the development of modern technology in order to consolidate Egypt by the promising young engineers on the map of developed countries. Convinced by the importance of raising awareness of water usage in agriculture, this kind of weather stations provides precisely the exact quantities required for irrigation water.

Agricultural Meteorology station is considered one of the many projects carried out by the Faculty of Engineering in collaboration with the company to design and manufacture technology for the benefit of Egyptian agricultural sector including monitoring and measuring of environmental pollution of air and water and agricultural soil ratios, as well as a system for monitoring and controlling of wells and groundwater and operation of wells in addition to providing solar-powered devices designed to detect Red palm weevil using sound waves and to kill them it using tiny microwaves signals.

Congratulations from the heart to the working group of graduates and university's faculty members for those successes that we hold dear.




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