Annual ESE Ceremony

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Annual ESE Ceremony

The Electrical System Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, held its annual ceremony in which the department regularly celebrates its distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to their professions and the Faculty of Engineering, throughout the year. In such special event, the department recognized eleven graduates, for their outstanding achievements in their graduation projects, and for publishing scientific papers in several large international conferences, as well as authoring applications for distinctive inventions.

The department also recognized two of its lecturer assistants, Eng. Ahmed Abdelsalam and Eng. Mohamed El- Atrash, for receiving successfully first place in their respective programs for the master’s Degree from University of Greenwich, in 2014. On the other hand, as a mark of appreciation to its staff, the department honored a number of professional staff members for their exceptional contribution over and above the normal expectations of their roles. It is worth mentioning that the esteemed Mrs. Mona Afifi, the Head of Quality Control, was ennobled also for her remarkable dedication in successfully managing and coordinating the international quality of the department.

The department also succeeded in hosting the prestigious scientific gathering: “National Radio Science Conference”, to be held on MSA campus during the period 24-26 March 2015. Dr. Waleed El-Nahal is the coordinator of the local team at MSA and he is awarded a certificate of appreciation for the tremendous effort he spent and expected to spend. Last but not least, the department acknowledged the Department Graduation Committee team for their dedication and their professional dealings in bringing up outstanding projects.

Dr. Noha Younis was awarded a special stand ovation for her remarkable leadership of the team. Each distinguished individual was awarded a certificate of appreciation/recognition by Prof. Khayri Abdel Hamied the MSA President, Prof. Nahed Sobhi, the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, and Prof. Samy El- Hennawey, the Head of ESE Department. The Faculty of Engineering wishes its staff and students proceed forward and always get ahead.

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