An Outstanding Achievement of MSA Engineering Students

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An Outstanding Achievement of MSA Engineering Students

Architecture Department of MSA Faculty of Engineering got the second place for “Best Design for Social Services Center” in “Alkarn Estate” which is a slum area where a committee of Stuttgart University of Germany made a feasibility study geographically to re- plan and develop to enhance and sustain the environment.

 Stuttgart University, in cooperation and consolidation of Ein Shams University and “Only for You My Country, Society”, organized a competition for the best design of Social Services Center. The committee of judges was formed of 15 expertise of that field which was headed by Professor Helmut Butt, head of Architecture and Planning Department in Stuttgart University in Germany and Professor Dr. Omar El Husseiny, head of Architecture and Planning Department in Ein Shams University in Egypt.

There were 180 contenders among which only five were short listed. MSA Architecture Engineering Students achieved the second place for the “Best Design and Utmost Use of the Land”.

Dr Nawal El Degwi, Head of the Board of Trustees, commented on that success by saying that MSA exerts a lot of efforts by all means to graduate the choicest calibers of engineering students who always tender the distinguished architectural projects even before graduation, thus demonstrate the cutting edge information that reflects one of a kind dedicated education. That effort lead the graduates to be nominated and get the best jobs opportunities in a very challenging ,ever looking for the best, job market.

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طبقا لأحكام القانون رقم 46 لسنة 19733 بشأن تدريس مادة التربية العسكرية بالجامعة فعليه. على كل طالب متوقع تخرجه في دور يوليو وسبتمبر 2017  ان يبادر بالتسجيل في موعد اقصاه 23/05/2017