An Exquisite Annual Engineering Exhibition at MSA 2015

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An Exquisite Annual Engineering Exhibition at MSA 2015


All four departments of Faculty of Engineering collaborated to execute their annual graduation 250 projects which showed talent and a cutting edge of the choicest innovations. Talent combined with unmatchable skills forged deliberately by their faculty members who were tirelessly cherished and gave all students, hands on experience, which enabled them to innovate, create and execute their projects successfully.
The panel of judges included expertise professors to evaluate all projects which impacted them with the level of technological skills, ability of surfing the web efficiently and their proficiency of the English Language.
Among these impressive projects was the “Smart Traffic Light”, which operates according to number of cars before it turns into green light, then smartly conveys that number to the following traffic light to let all cars go smoothly without any congestion. Amazingly enough, the Smart Traffic Light is able also to recognize the stolen cars by number, through the stored data base, and report it to Police Stations. The Smart Traffic Light never delays an ambulance and opens the road immediately for it to help save lives.
There were also soft wares which might shot faces to track students’ attendance of classes, or a Robotic Body that can excavate metals. Innovations didn’t spare the kids entertainment as one of the students developed a programme to alter any drawing to Cartoon movie which moves according to hand movements.
Cars protection had its biggest shares to coincide with the general environment of the society, thus talented students developed that apparatus to follow cars and protect them against theft by pin pointing the exact area where it runs as reported by the owner, and when it goes beyond it, it’s automatically stopped and the owner would receive a mobile message to inform him about its place.
That’s why we believe our graduates have cutting edge skills, easily recruited and ready to sweep the job market.
Keep up the excellent work.
Congratulations to the young and talented inventors.

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