An Exceptional ECE Engineering Grads Presentation

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An Exceptional ECE Engineering Grads Presentation

Faculty of Engineering, ECE-Grad Committee organized a very successful and wonderful grad presentations event which was held on 29: and 30/1/2014. ECE want to deeply congratulate our Grad students for the great efforts and excellent presentation skills both orally and written, moreover, most of external examiners also gave us very positive feedback and commended the unique skills and team work spirit that mastered the presentation.

Professor Dr Ihab Ali, Head of ECE, Dept., Helwan University wrote a letter to thank Professor Dr Samy El Hennawy for inviting him to such a wonderful event. He mentioned that it was a pleasure for him to witness the significant progress of students' projects of this semester as compared to previous semesters. This indeed reflects the efforts of the administration and faculty members which were geared towards continuous improvement. Moreover, he added that it was the first time to give the full mark in a graduation projects’ presentations anywhere.

Professor Dr Ihab Ali, head of ECE Engineering in Helwan University gave a full mark to the group of Moaataz Mahmoud and Doaa Roshdy under supervision of Dr Walid El-Nahal. This grading came in full agreement with the internal examiners after careful inspection of their report and tedious discussion with the presenters. They, both, have shown in-depth understanding, self-confidence, excellent co-operation and presentation skills both orally and written. Dr Ali commented that Professor Dr Hennawy had the right to be proud of graduating such students and advised him that they both be appointed as teaching assistants and will be glad to have them as postgrads at Helwan University, if they haven't yet started their postgraduate programme.Finally, Dr Ehab Ali thanked Dr Hennawy and all the faculty members for their hospitality.

ECE Grad- Committee:

Prof.Samy El Hennawy.
Dr.Deena Salem.
Dr.Noha Youness.
Dr.Dina Medhat.
Eng.Ahmed Fawzy.
Eng.Mostafa Gamal.
Eng.Amira El Toky.
Eng.Mariam Hamza.
Eng.Menna Allah.

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