1st Private University to host 32nd National Radio Science Conference

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1st Private University to host 32nd National Radio Science Conference
MSA University proudly announces the success of the Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Communication & Electronics Systems Engineering department, as they hosted and organized the 32nd National Radio Science Conference (NRSC) in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology from 24th of March 2015 till 26th of March 2015. 
NRSC is considered from the most significant scientific conferences in the communication and radio sciences on the national level. Several senior expert professors in the communication sciences were invited to give presentations regarding the latest research discoveries in this field in addition to a group of specialists’ professors from the European and Canadian universities in order to highlight the latest discoveries of communication and radio sciences in the world. This conference was supported by major global famous scientific institutions (IEEE & URSI) and the conference contents will be published including research and lectures in both of the Egyptian National Library and the global IEEE Explore.
The university is also proud of the graduating students presented projects in this multinational conference. The projects were characterized as constructive and applicable in valuable real-life industries in the electronics and electrical communications fields, as recognized by the conference experts and researchers.
On behalf of the MSA faculty of Engineering, we hope the cooperation of the Ministry of Communications, Telecommunications Regulatory Facility, and the representatives of the telecommunications industry and telecom in Egypt to capitalize on this conference, which definitely will have a huge impact in the development of their business and to utilize from the results and recommendations of the conference. Also, we would like to thank the honorable conference sponsors: EL SEWEDY ELECTRIC, GHATATY, BANQUE DE CAIRE, BANQUE MISR, IQARAT MISR, JUHAYNA, STYLE TEAM INDUSTRY, ART CERAMIC, GNP, and BANK AUDI for their great support.

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