News of Faculty of Engineering
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 11:14

The line follower to the future competition

it's a team competition founded by IEEENU to help undergraduate students get the leadership skills, group work skills and technical skills in programming your social media marketing partner
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 08:51

Chronophobia - The Future Business Leaders

Chronophobia is a seminar that is held to spread knowledge and awareness about the experience of entrepreneurship from the scope of engineers, to unravel the numerous chances the future holds for the Egyptian youth, and to develop basic knowledge of the ethics and fundamental skills needed to launch a powerful and successful personal business (Startups). your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 31 October 2017 11:47

2nd Innovations & Graduation Projects Forum

MSA University proudly present to you some of the greatest graduation projects from students of the Faculty of Engineering, which were presented at the second meeting of graduation projects and innovations at the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate under sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with praise, thanks and appreciation from Dr. Tareq El-Nabrawi. your social media marketing partner

Electrical Systems Engineering Department of Faculty of Engineering held DELL- EMC Workshop which gave the attendees an insight on the birth of Dell EMC and spoke extensively about the annual graduation project competition for senior undergraduate students from universities in Turkey, Middle East and Africa who are enrolled in the Dell EMC External research and Academic Alliance Program. your social media marketing partner

MSA University celebrated as our students Hossam Haggag, Mahitab Yasser, Mohamed Hany and Ahmed Abdelkreem who won NARSSs national competition for best satellite subsystem along with the team’s supervisor Dr. Somaia Mahmoud. your social media marketing partner

MSA-Summer Training committee (MSA-STC) and IEEE-MSA student branch organized today a great event for our network students, with the president of Mrs. Xieli " Huawei China Head Quarter" and Dr. Nahed Sobhy faculty of engineering dean, Dr. Samy El Hennawy ESE Head, and Dr. Ahmed Fawy Daw chair of MSA-STC your social media marketing partner
Monday, 09 October 2017 14:57

MSA Graduation Ceremony 2016/2017

Pride and Glory at MSA’s 17th Class Graduation Ceremony.

Modern Science and Arts University's graduation ceremony on the 3rd and 4th of October, 2017 combined glare and glory as graduates will be receiving a Greenwich or Bedfordshire degree, alongside the Egyptian one.

More than 30 scholarships were awarded for students of Greenwich programme for higher education including: Master degrees and PhD; alongside acceptance letter in their masters programs and partial scholarships.

MSA Graduates had undoubtedly taken a leap and had an edge over their peers' counterparts. your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 14 September 2017 10:24

Faculties Orientation week 2017

MSA University has started the orientation week for the new students with the first faculty, Pharmacy.
The orientation day for the faculty of pharmacy started with a word from Dr. Nawal El Degwi, head of board of trustees, along with a word from Dr Khairy Abdelhamid, President of MSA University and dean of pharmacy. your social media marketing partner
Monday, 01 May 2017 10:53

MSA Science Fair

The MSA University Science & Engineering Fair was held last March. The event entailed three main categories: Sciences, Engineering, & Environment.

The event was held at the October campus, which hosted over 350 students responsible for over 60 projects from 15 different governorates. your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 23 March 2017 14:44

Good Luck in California!

Great Work From Our Talented Junior researchers,
Grad Students succeed to publish Five papers in The Largest worldwide Conference in Antennas and propagation in California, your social media marketing partner

It was our pleasure to sign a protocol contract with Sabbour Consulting, a contract that will help our engineering student excel in their academic life and therefore their career life. your social media marketing partner

To continue in our "Go Green" policy, we have not only been applying environmental friendly measures, we also teaching new methods to our children to be able to apply it in the future. your social media marketing partner
Monday, 16 January 2017 12:42

Mapping the Student City

Through the initiative of DCM, a group of fourth year architecture students in MSA University participated in a research based design studio exploring the student life in the 6th of October city and its' influence on the urban environment. your social media marketing partner

MSA university has participated in the Cairo international 3rd exhibition for innovation organized by the Ministry of High education and the scientific research Academy , the ceremony was held in Salah Eldin Castle . the university participated with 11 projects , 7 from the Faculty of Engineering students , and 4 of Biotechnology students. your social media marketing partner

In collaboration between the Electrical Systems Engineering (ESE) Department and NARSS, a team of 4 ESE staff members paid a visit to the NARSS’s Space City in New Cairo on Thursday 10 November, 2016. your social media marketing partner
Saturday, 05 November 2016 12:50

Robot made in MSA

One of our engineering students Yahia El-Ghayesh participated in minesweepers competition that was held in Zwail City as a part of Desert Foxx II team. your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 25 August 2016 11:20

Practical training at Maspero

The students of Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering have enlisted in a practical training at the TV & Radio premises (Maspero), your social media marketing partner

Professor Nahed Sobhy, dean of the faculty of Engineering, and delegates from the summer training committee have visited the practical training for architecture students held ar Zwail City. your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 11 August 2016 09:48

We couldn't be more proud!

We strongly support our champions, Salma Negmeldin (Faculty of Management) and Nour El-Ayoubi (Faculty of Engineering) your social media marketing partner

10 students from communication and electronics department from MSA university , faculty of engineering have joined a training in Al Watnya company for air navigation , your social media marketing partner

Architects' Got Talent is an innovative teaching technique that blends learning Architecture History with drama. The idea began in 2009 by Prof. Ayman Ismail who began teaching MSA History 3 classes at the Department of Architecture. your social media marketing partner

Al-Ahram organization has held its real estate exhibition at the Conferences Center which was organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, and also an exhibition for graduation projects by top-rank students was held. your social media marketing partner

Students of The Architecture department have joined a training workshop on Rod Al-Farag axis construction site for two weeks. your social media marketing partner

The Egyptian Architects Ahmed Hilal, Mostafa Salem and Eslam Salem graduates of MSA University won the prize of Venice Biennale committee to present Egypt in their permanent pavilion among 68 international participants. your social media marketing partner

Thirty Architecture students at MSA University have joined a visit to the construction site of Zewel City for Modern Sciences and Arts, your social media marketing partner

According to the cooperation between MSA-STC and the remote sensing organization , your social media marketing partner

MSA University is proud to congratulate the Faculty of Engineering "MSA-Electromagnetic Fields Group": Kareem Sameh , Moataz Nasser, Nour El-Sobky, Ghadeer Arafa , Mahmoud Reda , Abdullah Al-Mohamadi , and Abdullah Mousta. Supervised by Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abdallah and Asst.Lect/Ahmed Fawzy Daw , for the grate continuities success. Where the grad groups success this year to published 4 papers in 10 th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics – Metamaterials 2016 which will be held in Greece. Actually, the MSA-Electromagnetic group has been publish 3 papers in 2015 and one paper in 2014 that done by MSA ECE-students in international conferences. your social media marketing partner

Egyptian Pavilion Reporting from the real front at the 2016 Venice Biennale.

The Venice Biennale of Architecture is an integral part of architectural culture. However, this year’s cycle “Reporting from the Front” is more unique, It highlights the capacity and potential of architecture’s role inside communities; “architecture makes the difference”, as Aravena puts it. your social media marketing partner

The Faculty of Engineering , MSA university had a field trip for Communication department students to Egypt Air Company , also Mass communication students and Dr Ghofran Jan , Dr Ahmed Fawzy Daw , Dr Ahmed Abd El Rasheed , Mr.Mohamed Diaa reached the airport and started their tour with a lecture including discussion for the communication devices internal the Airplane and main motor workshop , your social media marketing partner

The MSA university , Faculty of Engineering has held a technical session in association with Motorola Company , your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 19 May 2016 12:10

Engineering students in Motorola- Systel

The Faculty of Engineering MSA university , Electronics and communication department had a field trip to Motorola-Systel Company , your social media marketing partner

The Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mass Communication students had a field trip to Al Nahar TV station , your social media marketing partner

Today Faculty of Engineering Architecture Department MSA university organized a seminar sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development entitled "Development of Maspero Triangle". your social media marketing partner

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at MSA University has arranged a trip to the Communications Museum at the premises of Telecom Egypt Company in Nasir City, Cairo. your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 19 April 2016 00:00

A field trip at MASPERO

Our brilliant future engineers from the Electronics and Communication Department, Faculty of Engineering at MSA have enjoyed a field trip at MASPERO - Radio and TV Broadcasting Station yesterday.

The trip covered the main jobs for ECE Engineers in the station, ANA Masr Studio construction, control room and backup systems in CR, Transmission Room: modules and wave guide links, optical link and Satellite link, and antennas towers. your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 29 March 2016 00:00

5G is coming

Today Dr. Waleed Al Nahal Family held the third session in telecommunication department, presented by Eng. Mohammed Awad the lead Technical Project Manager In Alcatel-Lucent Corporation Company , the presenter gave a brief about the evolution in telecommunication in the last 30 years , And then he explained the technology of 5G driver , LTE- advanced , 5G enablers , and the 5G radio . your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 17 March 2016 00:00


The Faculty of engineering held a very supportive session to the students who are up to graduate and will be engaged the work field , The session was introduced by Dr. Waleed El Nahal and the guest Eng. Sameh Samer with 13 years past experience working for Huawei Technologies Company as Project Manager and now he's running his private business , along with dr samy el hennawi and the faculty staff. your social media marketing partner

The Electrical Systems Engineering (ESE) Department has celebrated the promotion of Dr. Sherif Kamel to the rank of Associate Professor by the Supreme Council of Universities. The celebration took place on Sunday, March 13, 2016 and attended by the University President, Dr. Khayri Abdel-Hamid, Dean of Engineering, Dr. Nahed Sobhi and Head of ESE Department, Dr. Samy El-Hennawey in addition to some of the department's teaching staff. your social media marketing partner
Saturday, 27 February 2016 00:00

Architecture's "City Of Dawn" Workshops

A team from the Department of Architectural Engineering at MSA University: Dr. Nermine Abdel Gelil and Arch. Mohamed Rafik along with 12 selected students, attended two intensive training workshops: CSEB (compressed stabilized earth blocks) and AVD (arches, vaults and domes) in Auroville Earth Institute, UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture, from 8 Feb. 2016 to 20 Feb. 2016. your social media marketing partner

A group of architects, among them MSA Engineering graduates, has won the 1st place in the competition organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to select Egypt's commissioner to be announced as the curators of Egypt's Pavillion in the Biennale Architecture 2016 organized in Venice, Italy. your social media marketing partner

The Faculty of Engineering and the Electrical Systems Engineering Department are proud to announce that a paper, titled “FPGA-Based Hand Gesture Recognition & Marker Tracking for Augmented Reality", prepared by two ECE graduate students, Abdul Rahman Awf and Farida Hamid, and their grad project supervisor, Dr. Noha Younis, was successfully accepted in the IEEE 22nd International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS 2015). your social media marketing partner

The Faculty of Engineering and the General Systems Engineering Department are proud to announce the completion of The International Conference for Mathematics and Applications (ICMA15) organized by the Egyptian National Committee for Mathematics of IMU, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), and locally organized by October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA). your social media marketing partner

“Happy Foundation Day” is an event organized by the English90 to celebrate the skills that they have acquired in the course as well as their talents in front of all MSAians. your social media marketing partner

The 17th of June of this year witnessed a unique occasion of its kind: the signing of the contract of the design and manufacture of the first agricultural meteorological station holding mechanism with pure Egyptian technology, and that between each of the engineering design company created by a group graduates of the Department of Electrical Systems Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Said Mabrook and the businessman Mamdouh Ghataty, the owner of the largest farms for exporting mangos and green creams. your social media marketing partner
"The Exhibition included MSA students’ graduation projects from the Architectural Engineering Department, as well as projects completed by under graduate students enrolled in all courses offered by the department that has recently been revalidated by MSA’s valuable UK partner, University of Greenwich. your social media marketing partner

Sunday 28th June marked five more years of validation by our British partner University of Greenwich for the faculty of Engineering. Validation is a process whereby university programmes would be evaluated by a panel, which is constituted to be both informed and impartial in order to assure the Academic Board that the university's commitment to quality and standards are met. your social media marketing partner

Students of the faculty of Communications & Electronics Engineering participated and submitted Grad 1 and Grad 2 projects in the 2015 Graduation Projects. The projects contained a wide range of innoavtive ideas in different areas in communications, electronics and digtial. your social media marketing partner

All four departments of Faculty of Engineering collaborated to execute their annual graduation 250 projects which showed talent and a cutting edge of the choicest innovations. Talent combined with unmatchable skills forged deliberately by their faculty members who were tirelessly cherished and gave all students, hands on experience, which enabled them to innovate, create and execute their projects successfully. your social media marketing partner

Met materials 2015, will comprise a 4 day (7:10 September 2015), Oxford University. UK. Faculty of Engineering is proud to congratulate Ahmed Fawzy Daw for his new novel research paper titled "NEW INDUCTOR LOADED COMPOSITE RIGHT LEFT HAND IMPEDANCE TRANSFORMER FOR UWB WIRELESS APPLICATIONS", which will be presented in the largest worldwide congress in the field of Microwave and meta materials hosted and organized by OXFORD UNIVERSITY, UK. your social media marketing partner
MSA University proudly announces the success of the Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Communication & Electronics Systems Engineering department, as they hosted and organized the 32nd National Radio Science Conference (NRSC) in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology from 24th of March 2015 till 26th of March 2015. your social media marketing partner
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 00:00

Spectacular ESE Engineering

Last week witnessed the ESE Grad presentations to the Egyptian Jury, where students presented their work across the research and implementation. The various judging juries found the projects “world-class”. The projects were very well presented and tackled central issues. They can be implemented in real-life applications in Egypt’s current and future settings, in both industrial and commercial fields. In most projects, students didn't only focus on the technical aspects, but also went to great measures to ensure that their applications were consumer-friendly with attention to providing attractive user interface. your social media marketing partner

Asst.Lect/ Ahmed Fawzy Daw representing MSA University in the largest annual UK conference dedicated to the fields of Antennas, Microwave and Propagation. Faculty Of Engineering, ECE Dept., is proud to congratulate Eng.Ahmed Fawzy Daw for his new novel research paper titled "Dual Band High Selective Compact Transmission Line Gap Resonator" which will be presented in the largest UK conference which will held from 10 to 12 November 2014 in Birmingham, UK. your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 00:00

Annual ESE Ceremony

The Electrical System Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, held its annual ceremony in which the department regularly celebrates its distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to their professions and the Faculty of Engineering, throughout the year. In such special event, the department recognized eleven graduates, for their outstanding achievements in their graduation projects, and for publishing scientific papers in several large international conferences, as well as authoring applications for distinctive inventions. your social media marketing partner

On April 11th 2014 in Medellin, Colombia on the final day of the World Urban Forum 7 Conference, the winners of the Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing International Architectural Competition organized by the UN-Habitat organization were announced. Prizes were awarded to the winning entries on three levels: Globally, Regionally, and Nationally. It is with great pride to announce the distinctive achievement of MSA Team3 who won the 3rd place on the Regional level which included entries from universities from all Arab States, and 2nd place jointly with MSA Team1 on the National level which included entries from Egyptian universities. It is worthy to note that no other university from Egypt was among the winners, only the two teams from MSA, since the first on the National level was the team from the American University of Sharjah! your social media marketing partner

Faculty of Engineering, ECE-Grad Committee organized a very successful and wonderful grad presentations event which was held on 29: and 30/1/2014. ECE want to deeply congratulate our Grad students for the great efforts and excellent presentation skills both orally and written, moreover, most of external examiners also gave us very positive feedback and commended the unique skills and team work spirit that mastered the presentation. your social media marketing partner

Architecture Department of MSA Faculty of Engineering got the second place for “Best Design for Social Services Center” in “Alkarn Estate” which is a slum area where a committee of Stuttgart University of Germany made a feasibility study geographically to re- plan and develop to enhance and sustain the environment. your social media marketing partner

After a constructive presentation of their paper, Eng. Hazem Mohamed Eissa together with Eng. Amr Mahmoud Ahmed, of ECE Department, have succeeded to get the sixth position out of 200 submitted papers to IEEE EMBS International Student conference, from several Egyptian universities. The students' paper titled “Implementation of Smart Ovulation Detection Device", mainly concerns with bio instrumentation. your social media marketing partner

The endless efforts and continuous hard work to support and back-up the students, the Summer Training Committee (STC), Communication and Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, gave eight MSAians a chance to start summer internship with one of the world's famous mobile supporter "Motorola-Systel".

MSA wishes its students the best of luck and don't forget to gain as much job experience as you can to widen your chances of recruitment. Take the lead. Make a difference. your social media marketing partner

Due to the continuous hard work by the Summer Training Committee (STC), Communication and Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, four MSAians have started a summer internship with one of the world's Star Alliance members in the field of air navigation services "EGYPT AIR". Here at MSA, we value these collaborations as they work on expanding and diversifying students' professional experiences and preparing them for their professional careers. your social media marketing partner

Three students from MSA's faculty of engineering presented their graduation project to the ministry of agriculture. Representatives from the ministry were impressed with the project, which is an early warning system that detects and controls plant diseases, and agreed to provide the students with the data necessary for the completion of the project. This project is the first of its kind and is expected to significantly reduce the effects of plant diseases. your social media marketing partner

Imagine Cup is the world's most influential student technology competition; it brings the brightest young minds together to build apps by utilizing the endless abilities of technology. Microsoft created the Imagine Cup over ten years ago with the idea that students can change the world. What begins with a burst of inspiration and a lot of hard work can become a future software breakthrough, a jump start for a career, or a flourishing new industry. your social media marketing partner
Monday, 10 June 2013 00:00

MSAians Awarded LE50,000 by Injaz

Injaz is a competition that selects startup projects that have high-feasibility and high-effect to fund in a way to make them a reality. MSA’s powerhouses Adham Saeed and Ahmed Nagy were there with an ingenious project called Stebn (, which is basically a bike sharing system to be implemented in Egypt. your social media marketing partner

Dr. Sherif Kamel, Assistant Professor of Communication and Electronics Engineering Department, participated in the International Conference on Science, Engineering and Management-ICSEM 2013 at the Srinivasan Engineering College, India on 17th and 18th May 2013.

Dr. Sherif was invited to participate as a chief guest for the inauguration function. He was also a keynote speaker at the seminar which was attended by more than 300 people from all fields of engineering. your social media marketing partner

MSA Architecture department participated in the Mittelmeerland workshop organized by the University AA Visiting School in Alexandria. There were eight MSA undergraduates and graduate students participating under the supervision of Arch.Heba Hussein who had given an open lecture about her research study in the fabulous, diverse structure of the Mediterranean region. your social media marketing partner

Graduation Projects' Fair is the best indicator of technological level depth and hands-on experience attained by MSA Engineering students, whose multi–faceted success is well commended in various aspects during the course of studies. We didn't forget yet the overwhelming success of last year's exhibition, as this current year, where MSA invited the most renowned and distinguished professors to evaluate the students' impressive Projects which represented the outcome of accumulated knowledge and ideas over the years of study. your social media marketing partner

MSA has a fitting success story for this remarkable feat, he is one of our very own here and we cherish his work with us. He harbours special personal interest in the rare fields of Biomathematics and Bioengineering.

In February 2013, Mohamed Khalil Ibrahim obtained his PhD in Pure Mathematics from the faculty of Science-South valley University-Qena, while also working as a lecturer assistant in the Faculty of Engineering here at MSA. His field of interest is fractional order differential equations and its applications in real dynamic systems especially in Physics and Biology. your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 00:00

Motorolla Summer Training Committee

The Summer Training Committee (STC) for the Communications and Electronics dept. was able to land a contract deal with Motorola-Systel Telecommunications. The deal allows the ECE dept. to send 10 students to join Motorola-Systel for a summer training program. This will provide an opportunity for the students from ECE to join Motorola-Systel in Smart Village for a summer training in one of the leading companies in the field ofmobile communications. This opportunity, made possible by the continuous hard work of the STC-ECE, reflects the level of dedication to promoting and enhancing the level of the MSA student body. The program will offer the students an opportunity to experience work experience first-hand and is sure to boost their abilities and motivation. your social media marketing partner

In a cooperation protocol with the National Air Navigation Services Company, Summer Training Committee of MSA ECE signed an agreement by which ten students of ECE will obtain a chance to participate in summer training programmes, every year, in the main Radar Station in Egypt. This year MSA ECE students will start summer training from 12/8: 12/9/2013. your social media marketing partner
Monday, 11 March 2013 00:00

Faculty of Engineering Field Trip

The Summer Training Committee (STC) of MSA Communication and Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, organizes a field trip to one of the largest and most famous Egyptian Telecommunication Company, Mobinil in Smart Village, on Wednesday, March 7, 2013. The trip was organized and supervised by Dr. Sherif Kamel, Head of (STC), engineer Ahmed Fawzy Daw, Dr Mourad and Engineer Mereham Nabil. your social media marketing partner

Electronics & Electrical Communications engineering graduate and Lecturer Assistant Galal Mounir Hassan was awarded a full masters scholarship, upon graduation, at Greenwich University for his academic excellence. When Galal was doing his Masters degree in UoG he was approached by a Professor to assist him in his research, so Galal gladly accepted, which in turn added greatly to his practical experience. He also got to present his thesis "Automatic Detection of Online Game Vulnerability" in an Engineering Conference in Greenwich with his UK colleagues. your social media marketing partner

MSA's Architecture Engineering students stand out in the crowd as expected and represented the University in "Bridge to Future" Conference which was held in Ein Shams University. The open Architectural Competition was organized by Remal Foundation in Faculty of Engineering. Various workshops were held throughout the week. From among 150 groups that formed 1250 students' papers and projects, the outstanding performance of eight MSA's architectural students about "Sustainable Cities" made them to win the third place prize. your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 00:00

MSAians Awarded Masters from Greenwich

Proudly, MSA likes to extend its heartily congratulations to Communication and Electronics Department of Engineering's students; L.A Mostafa Gamal and L.A. Galal Mounir who used their cutting edge studies and knowledge to get their Master Degree from University of Greenwich.

Congratulations once more and keep up the good work your social media marketing partner

A major part of MSA message of education is seeking perfection. If not, which is unlikely, and then it offers quality education on its highest levels. So, for that exact purpose a committee of selected Greenwich University professors supervises syllabuses, faculty performance, grads projects and inspects lecture halls and labs. That's part of the validation procedure that is carried out each and every semester in order to maintain and keep the national and regional appeal to join MSA. your social media marketing partner
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:00

MSA ECE Engineering Grad Committee

MSA- Faculty of Engineering, Communication and Electronics dept Grad committee was organized the graduation projects discussion by professors from Greenwich University . 4 & 5 Feb.2013.

In the photo, Grad 2 Students with Prof.David and Prof.Esmial from Greenwich, and Prof.Tarek Aly Faculty of Engineering MSA Dean, Prof.Samy El Hennawy Head of ECE dept, Dr.Deena Head of ECE Grad Committee, Dr.Sameh Noman, Dr.Galal Nadem, Asst.Lect .Ahmed Fawzy Grad Committee member and TA .Amira El-Toky Grad Committee Member. your social media marketing partner
Sunday, 02 December 2012 00:00

ECE Field trip to CDMA

Faculty of Engineering: Communication & Electronics department, has a field trip to CDMA and Mobile Transmission Station in Giza your social media marketing partner

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts was proud to witness its Engineering students" innovations which were presented in the Workshop Building. The exhibition included all grades of Engineering Faculty where they participated with about 250 projects that prove their cutting edge awareness of the requirements of the ever changing job markets. As a matter of fact, Faculty of Engineering students combined their theoretical knowledge with the practical application and excelled in presenting their projects. In the exhibition the students displayed their hands on experience which is in harmony with their studies. your social media marketing partner

MSA University initiated an architectural project for 10 consecutive days in Port Said city with Thessaly University of Greece and Port Said University from the 21st to the 30th of September 2011. This collaboration was in efforts to create a productive educational link between Egypt and Greece and it targeted understanding the crucial issues faced by the city of Port Said, which is basically the dilemma of the contemporary urban design practice. your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 15 September 2011 00:00

MSA - Greenwich joint elective course

MSA University's Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Construction, were hosted by Greenwich University's School of Architecture this summer to work on their joint elective course “Sustainable Cities.”

It was a two-week course focusing on the city spirit and included visiting London, Manchester and Cambridge. Their studies and discussions were concentrated on the routes, places, the natural of the enclosing mass and about the infrastructure (food / water / waste / Energy / Transport of people and goods / places to live and work). Finally, the course concluded with an exhibition of the students' work, where they displayed sketches and photomontages of places they visited as well as visions of spaces with future sustainable cities. your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 00:00

Engineering Exhibition 2010

As people walked around the hangar, you sense the excitement of the students and the monitoring of the doctors. Among the attendees was Dr. Ihab Hamdy Naeem , professor of Physics, stated that, “It is exciting to see what ideas students are coming up with this year, especially since they help their experimental hand work that is applied in real life.” One of the intriguing inventions on display was the Electric Magnetism Levitation. It is a magnet with positive charges that use exact equal pull on either magnet (poles) to levitate the added weight. The idea came to the students because of a lecture they had earlier, about magnets and how they work. “Playing with gravity and magnets gave us the idea to come up with levitating weight through magnets to see if they work,” explained one of the students. “It took us some time to get the exact weight but finally it worked.” your social media marketing partner
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 00:00

Department of Architecture workshop 2010

Under the supervision of Dipl. Arch. Adel Fahmy and with the collaboration of staff members Dr. Nermine Abdel Gelil, Dr. Mohamed Refaat and Dr. Sameh Mostafa, the Department of Architecture has invited the artist Eng. Nathan Doss in a workshop titled “Clay, a model making and building material” from 12. your social media marketing partner

MSA University is proud to announce its annual Engineering conference for Communications and Electronics on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd of November 2010, starting at 9:00 am - 16:30 pm. Forty five different studies from universities across Egypt and the Middle East, and even Canada, will be presented at the conference. Also, MSA University's Faculty Members will be presenting their researches as well. This event is the first of its kind to be organized entirely by a private university.

Once again, MSA leads. your social media marketing partner

Two Engineering students represent MSA in Belgium in "The Annual Students Branch and Gold Conference"
The IEEE, which introduced the RISEC competition for Engineering and Computer Science students earlier this year, is now holding its annual SBC (Student Branch and Gold) conference in Belgium from the 4thto the 8th of August 2010. Many countries from Africa, Europe and Asia will demonstrate their IEEE student activities. MSA University will be participating and students Mohamed Khairy and Noha Mostafa will be representing it. your social media marketing partner

On Tuesday, 6th July, 2010, MSA's Faculty of Engineering held its annual Exhibition for Graduating Seniors of Industrial Engineering in Engineering Workshop, after which the students discussed their projects with the judging panel.The judging panel comprised of: Dr.Said Ashour, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Mohamed Said Hassan, Head of Department of Industrial Engineering, and Dr. Samuel Mengistu, from University of Greenwich. your social media marketing partner
Thursday, 27 May 2010 00:00

Engineering Graduation projects 2010

In a perfect example of how theory can be put into practice, students of the faculty of engineering held an exceptional workshop exhibit for their graduation projects. MSA University has always been keen to mix theory with practice to enhance the students' learning process.The University has invited several distinguished professors from the same field to evaluate the students' projects which represent the outcome of years of theoretical and practical studies. your social media marketing partner
Sunday, 18 April 2010 00:00

When Architecture meets Nature

MSA Architecture students participated in its first students' cultural day (When Architecture meets Nature). MSA Architecture department organized its first students' cultural day in El Orman park on 17th of April 2010 as one of the department's goals is mixing fun with education with an attempt to enhance the cultural activities, and increase the interaction between the architectural education, nature and the environment outside the closed lecture halls. your social media marketing partner
Monday, 15 February 2010 00:00

MSA Engineering students participated in ICT

MSA Engineering students participated in Cairo conference of Engineering and information Technology ICT. The conference was inaugurated by Dr Tarek Kamel the Minister of communication and Information Technology which was held in Cairo International Conference Center at Nasr City. MSA students" participation was highly commended and appreciated as they have attained a cutting edge in electronics which enticed the renowned companies to offer support, sponsorship, finance and executions. Intel, ESC, White house Securities and Delta Insurance were among these companies who assured the validity and the outstanding potential of projects. your social media marketing partner
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 00:00

MSA University Student Exchange Programme

October University for Modern Sciences & Arts in association with Greenwich University initiated a very successful student exchange programme last November (2007) where 21 students and 7 instructors from MSA visited Greenwich University. In continuation of the spirit of cooperation between these two great universities a second student exchange is taking place this May (2008) where MSA Students and Professors will be visiting Greenwich University. Two faculty members from the architecture department were invited by Greenwich University as external critics for their final crits. Drs. Omar Fawzy and Omar Nagati, renowned professors in the Faculty of Architecture Engineering at MSA University, will attend two crits on May 7 and May 9, 2008 as part of the continuing collaboration between MSA University and Greenwich University. your social media marketing partner
Sunday, 13 January 2008 00:00

Engineering Annual Project day

Over 200 students from all disciplines of Engineering presented their course projects during the annual projects day. The setting took place at the Engineering workshop which is constructed over an area of 4,000m2.Groups of students ranging from 2 to 5 presented their course projects to their professors, parents, and friends. your social media marketing partner