Greece Workshop 2014

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Greece Workshop 2014

Municipality of Serres, Chrysopigi Mountain Camp.Hellas-Greece.
A group of students and Teaching staff, architecture department have been participated in International workshop DDW2014 (The ; where the architects teams have been investigated the city’s valley as an urban ecosystem, highlighting cultural and natural characteristics at the East side of Serres city in Greece. 

The workshop was collaboration between four different Universities (Sofia Bulgaria, Volos Hellas - Thessaly, Frederick University, Nicosia, Cyprus, and MSA University from Egypt), hosted by the Municipality of Serres in collaboration with the Society of Architects of the city of Serres .

The city Mayor have been participated in the final presentation of the groups where he have thanks all groups about their projects, thoughts and ideas and agree upon the conceptual of the projects theme for develop the river valley in the city future plan .

The DDW2014 workshop was coming from distinct universities of the East Mediterranean region. During the 7 days workshop on of multinational commonality, Educational activities, lectures, fieldwork, design development and presentations are combined with collective dinners, mountain walks and discussions.

Activity Outline:


Download: Faculty of Engineering - ASE Department Activities - Greece Workshop 2014.

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