AA-Jeddah School Workshop 2014

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AA-Jeddah School Workshop 2014

MSAA Architectuure departm ent take a place in AAA-Jeddah woorkshop orgganized by AAA Visitingg MAKKAHH VS MAKKAH Schoool, from 2ndd of Februaryy to 12th of FFebruary, Thhere were 10 students froom MSA Unddergraduatess and gradduated studennts as well uunder supervvision of Drr.Nihal Ameer and Arch. Heba Husseein who havee participateed as Tutoors.AA Jeddah schoool, were seekk to be as wiitness for Maakkah develoopment by exxploring andd digging deeep into colleccting and finding reseaarch and infoormation.

The studdents got a ggreat opportuunity to attennd Lectures aand round tabbles discussiions with leaading figures from the SSaudi Goverrnment, locall authorities,, architects, pplanners andd designers wwhich raisingg the questioon of the futuure of Makkkah. As welll explored thhroughout mmany field tripps, the new HHaram extennsion, Shami a new extenssion, and enttering the cclock tower (Abraj El B iet), towardss the Astronoomical museeum, its new museum upp to the clockk tower up too 400m abbove zero levvel.

Therefoore, The studdents have oppportunity to experience tthe special difference of social standaard and scalees, of thosse informal settlements (Sharshaf // Malla/ Hoogon) areas by crated of Madeenah (Kuwait center for city deveelopment) . Those areass will be demmolished in 2 years. In addition, thhe students hhave honors to meet Meekka Govvernor, in Al Balad Alme en Head quaarter, who kinndly presenteed the new ddevelopment of Mekka citty.

The worrkshop conclluded by offiicial ceremo ny, where thhe students ppresented to the Governoor what theyy have prodduced from ddrawings andd sampling rrecords for thhe sacred citty, based on their field reesearch and local engageement withh locals, the ssection lines multiple scaales of drawiings casted at the most ddeemed interresting points and momennts in Makkkah .

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