New International Dentistry Programs at MSA

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New International Dentistry Programs at MSA

In an unprecedented measure and in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Dentistry in Edinburgh, the Cultural British Council stated that Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA), has all the up to- date means and methods academically, clinically and practically to train dentists and qualifies them to acquire the fellowship from the Royal Academy in Edinburgh.

On the other hand MSA Faculty of Dentistry was also acknowledged and certified by the American Dentistry Association (ADA), as a validated training centre for the continuous education for various dentistry branches. It's noteworthy that MSA programmes are now accepted by ADA Association in order to enable its Dentistry students to practice and work in the United States of America. That concludes the graduates' international standard which is attained due to the faculty members' efforts, the highly equipped clinics and the top notch technologies.

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