MSA Endodontic Journal

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MSA Endodontic Journal

Did you guys read the new MSA Endodontic Journal? As far as scientific journals go, this one was rather exhilarating to read. The journal is created and managed by a team of the Endodontic teaching staff from the faculty of Dentistry, and anyone who reads it would be impressed by the level of inspiration, enthusiasm and dedication presented by the MSA staff.

The journal is well organized, beautifully written and clear-fully illustrated with HQ diagrams and pictures. It’s also packed full of intriguing articles that would capture the attention of any reader, particularly enjoyable are the thorough step-by-step case studies showcasing different patients and cases that have been treated at our clinics. Another section was dedicated to informative tips and techniques used for different endodontic treatments, also the writers use a captivating story-telling technique to explain complicated endodontic journals. It also contains exciting interviews and updates on new endodontic materials used for common treatments.

The Endodontic Journal is written and managed by our very own; Donia M. Rashad, Ezz Al-deen Yassen, Eman Badawy, Tarek Saniour and Ibrahem M. Dafish. MSA University is extremely proud of all of you, you are a testament to the commitment and devotion of the MSA family and you teach us to always expect to be surprised and blown away by new ideas that are implemented beautifully.

Special Thanks to Dr. Elham El-Shaboury for her supervision and continued efforts.

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