Another MSA Medical Convoy to Fayoum

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Another MSA Medical Convoy to Fayoum

Once again, a group of MSA's Dentistry students and staff took off to two hospitals in Fayoum to play an important role in developing their society. The team diagnosed patients and provided free dental treatments; moreover, a number of oral surgeries were performed to patients with severe cases.

It's noteworthy that all patients were donated free antibiotics and analgesics when needed. This convoy was prosperous in many ways as it has provided students with the experience of dealing with several medical conditions and allowed them to work in a different environment than the one they are used to.

It is also noteworthy that treating the poor for free and prescribing free medicine is considered a very brave contribution to our society. Hats off to Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hakim, Dr. Yasser Ibrahim, Dr. Samah Kamel, Dr. Shady Diab and everyone else who took part and participated in this heart full and kind act.

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