Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM)

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Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM)

MSA took part, for the first time in the International Collegiate Programming Contest which took place last October 2009 in Cairo University where all universities of Arab Republic of Egypt have participated. MSA team also joined that contest on the Middle East and Africa level where 46 teams from 29 universities of 9 Arab countries have participated. The American University in Beirut, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Palestine has participated in the contest. In Egypt the AUC, BUE, Cairo University, Ein Shams and Helwan universities and MSA has participated for the first time.

This contest was sponsored by IBM and Baylor University in America. Each university will sponsor the contest annually by turn. The contest usually starts by running in the continents then 99 of them get short listed from all universities around the world. ACM contest is considered one of the most important and difficult programming contest worldwide.

Two years ago, Morocco hosted that contest while Egypt hosted it last year. This year The Naval and Maritime Sciences Academy sponsored the contest; Lebanon will sponsor the contest next year. The first placement winner took part in the final programming contest which was in Canada last year. This year the final is expected to be in China. The duration of this contest is 5 continuous hours to solve between 8 -9 problems. The first winner would solve the largest number in the least possible time in a first trial. Each team is consisted of three students who work on the same computer set during the contest.

It"s noteworthy that MSA has solved 3 problems in a first trial which was commended and praised by all the attendants. The first placement winner team also commended the standard attained by MSA students as they knew the rest of the answers but they ran out of time and their computer went down for about an hour. The first and second placement winners solved 7 problems and starting from the 5th runner, they solved also 5 problems each.

Dr. Ziad Negm honored MSA team among others for representing the university with that distinguished level. MSA team was trained in Dokki campus for four months on Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00 am

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