Activities related to Academia

1: Academic Field Trips

Academic field trips are the enjoyable element of education. Field trips enhance significantly the content introduced in a course through conveying certain elements that cannot be illustrated with a broad spectrum in classrooms. There are several courses in the Faculty of Biotechnology that include going on field trips. One of the main courses that involve various field trips is the "Industrial Project" and "Cell and Tissue culture". The Industrial project promotes a spectrum of benefits to the students. It allows them to be exposed to various fields which are an opportunity to aspire them creatively and professionally.

We intend to visit various sites as the ones mentioned in the following table.

Accommodating Hosts Course & Coordinator(s) Location
Milk Factory Company Industrial Project Giza
Glucose and Starch Factory Industrial Project 15th of  May city
Egyptian Company for solid waste Industrial Project 15th of  May city
Nano- Technology Centre Industrial Project 6th of October city
Ice man Factory Industrial Project 6th of October city
Central palm of tissue culture Cell and Tissue culture Giza
Stem Cell Laboratory Stem Cell

Alex –Agricultural road

Stem Cell Bank Stem Cell

Alex –Agricultural road

Johayna Biochemical Engineering 6th of October city
Agricultural Genetics Engineering Research Institute Advanced Genetics & Molecular Genetics Giza

2: Academic Speakers

From time to time the faculty invites Academic speakers from other institutions to discuss the different disciplines of science. This provides the chance for students to comprehend the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of the professional career in the spoken of field. The industrial project course highlights their importance since it aims to inspire our thriving young scientists through the exposure of the expertise of the renowned speaker.

The faculty intends to invite the following speakers to cover the stated topics mentioned in the following table:

Accommodated Academic Speaker Topic/ Field
Dr. Joaquin Lanz Flavor and Natural Juice solutions
Dr. Hamdy Amera Cell Culture
Prof Sherif Nashaat Amin Medical Test
Dr. Yasser Y. Ibrahim Apis- mollifier Biotechnology
Dr. Mohamed Ismail Aquamarine
Dr. Heba Salah Prenatal Diagnosis

3: Graduation Projects:


The biotechnology faculty is renowned for its graduation projects. Each year we always aim to introduce a new scientific field into the process of the graduation projects.

We plan to add more accommodating hosts to the already existing directory. The following are the list of hosts we intend to send our students to this upcoming year.

Accommodating Host
1. Medical Forensic Authority. 13. Marine Biotechnology
2. Stem cells Lab. 14. Molecular Cancer Lab
3. 57375 hospital. 15. Theodore Bilharz
4. VACSERA. 16. Bioinformatics
5. Egyptian Waste treatment company. 17. Cairo Gene lab
6. Nanotechnology Centre. 18. Nile Centre
7. Qaser El Eni Hospital Genetic Counseling. 19. Delta Aromatic
8. Central lab for Data Palm Research and Development. 20.Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute
9. Biotechnology Centre. 21.Faculty of Science Cairo University
10. Central Analysis Lab. 22. Helwan University
11. National Research Center. 23. Faculty of Science, Ain Shams
12. El Sadat city. 24. Faculty of Agriculture ,Cairo university

4: Summer Training

Trainings are a fundamental tool used in the Faculty of Biotechnology. The training programs provided allows students to develop areas that suit their particular needs. During our trainings, attendees have the opportunity to interact with others from different organizations and different industries. These diverse perspectives allow students to explore innovative approaches to solve common issues. The variety of trainings offered permits learning, developing and interacting without the distractions of the everyday student duties. In addition it broadens the mind, raises issues and challenges the theoretical concept attained.

Several institutes have accommodated our students for training. We plan to add training in more field than the already existing fields offered. The following is a list of accommodating hosts that we sent our students to and planning to add for the upcoming year.

Training Name Topic of interest Targeted students Intended Duration
"Total No. of Hours "
Intended No. of delivered Session(s) Location
57357 hospital children's cancer Molecular biology
Level 3 and 4 30 hours 200 Cairo
Plant Tissue Culture Tissue culture Level 2,3 and 4   35 hours   120 Cairo
Analytical Analysis Biochemistry Level 1,2,3 and 4 60 hours 100 Cairo
Marine Biotechnology Molecular biology Level 1,2,3 and 4 35 hours 20 Marssa Allam
Egyptian Centre for Research and Security Studies DNA forensics Level 1,2,3 and 4 21 hours 50 Cairo
National Academic  Dubai Soft skills.
DNA and security.
Level 1,2,3 and 4 3 weeks 40 Dubai
Greenwich University
Molecular genetics Level 2,3 and 4 2 weeks 10 England

5: Workshops

Horizons of Biotechnology Workshop Spring 2015. “Complex Genome Analysis activities”.
Based on the community research of the European Commission that called “Biotechnology 2020”, nine different teams of the students of the complex genome analysis class are presenting several approaches that could be used in different applications of biotechnology.

For more information :
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