Faculty of Arts & Design – Field Trip Site Visit Summary Report

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Faculty of Arts & Design – Field Trip Site Visit Summary Report

The students of Interior Design (35 students) at the Faculty of Arts and Design paid a visit with their two instructors to Art Centres on Saturday 20th October 2012 at Sakkara Road:

1. Darwish Pottery.
2. Harrania Tapestries.
3. AlKhonany Glass Centre.

 They were asked to take photographs and write notes on the work of art they observe, to make a power point presentation of their best shots with their written impression on each slide. They were also required to select the most inspiring work of art and use it as a source of inspiration in their current design project – a residential bathroom (12m2).

This trip was a turning point in the course level. Students were excited with what they saw. They were amazed by the beautiful pottery pieces in Darwish museum, where they have been informed with the different techniques used by the late artist Nabil Darwish. In the second visit at Harrania, we were received by architect Ikram Nosshi who stayed with us for two hours describing and explaining all what is displayed in the Ramsis Wissa Wassef Art Centre, starting with tapestry weaving done spontaneously by villagers – now internationally renowned and recognised - , then passing by the batik prints we watched being done and lastly the architecture in adobe which has been revived by the two architects friends and colleagues: Ramsis Wissa Wassef and Hassan Fathy. The last stop was at AlKhonany glass centre where attractive glass pieces were displaying the work of late Zakaria AlKhonani and his wife Aida Abdel-Kerim and some of their students’.

From the power points presented by the students after the visit, we have chosen the five best for display; and it is noteworthy to state that many of the students incorporated some artwork they saw in their bathroom design mainly from the potteries and the glass.

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