A Distinguished Exhibition for Arts & Design Faculty at MSA

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A Distinguished Exhibition for Arts & Design Faculty at MSA
“Harvest Three”, was the title of MSA Arts and Design Faculty Exhibition which included an exquisite output of all students of various design majors like; Interior Design, Media Art, Fashion Design in addition to Cinema and Theatre major
The Editor in Chief of Al Shourok Daily Newspaper Emad El Din Hussein, Dr. Ahmed Atta the previous Faculty of Applied Arts Dean, Dr. Safeya Al Kabbani, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts, Professor/ Dr.Nagy Shaker of Cinema and Theatre Décor professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts besides Professor/ Dr Mohamed Helal Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University attended the exhibition and commended the outstanding effort excreted by the students to innovate new themes and visions with precise eye to details due to the dedication and infinite coaching of the faculty members and staff.
The Department of Interior Design excelled in innovating replicas and models for residential, commercial and cultural centers where they used various mediums to present their projects. As for Department of Graphics and Media Arts students, they used an ample variety of visual arts designs which didn’t spare the company’s branding, packaging designs, all kinds and sizes of posters. Add to that directions and instructions stands systems. When we talk about the visual arts we can’t skip drawing, painting and wood engraving and carving. Department of Media Arts was unmatchable in documentaries and videos.
Department of Fashion Design borrowed designs of different and various cultures like the Bedouin’s, Latin’s and public garments that were inspired from the nature elements.
Cinema and Theatre Department presented their best in designing the classical and National plays’ stage settings and background like the Naguib Mahfouz Nobel Prize winner novel of Dogs and the Thief. Also they presented the track and route of lightings fixtures and the cameras angels.
On inauguration of “Harvest 3 or Hessad 3” as students called it, Professor / Dr Nawal El Degwi the MSA Head of The Board of trustees was thrilled with the students achievements in all majors and departments which were, as she described them a refined and distinguished standard which reflects the excellent performance each in his major. Dr Degwi referred to the precise selection of Faculty of Arts and Design students as they are tested for qualifying abilities that enable them to proceed and succeed in their pursuit of outstanding companies’ recruitment after graduation.
MSA is proud of that achievement. Keep up the good work.

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