Services & Activities


A.Shelter projects:

1.  Renovations and rebuilding of houses in villages
2. Providing newly wedded orphans with electrical appliances
3. Clothes exhibitions held in underprivileged villages
4. Distributing Blankets

B.Education projects:

1. Paying fees for orphans and buying school uniforms.
2. Educational development packages in Slums “3ashwa2eyat” {Stable Antar – MansheyetNaser}

a) Educating children by creative ways of teaching
b) Literacy.
c) English courses.
d) Vocational Training.

3. Orphans education.

a) Hand crafts.
b) Vocational Training.
c) English courses.

4. Awareness.

a) Paying loans for “Gharemat” and giving them awareness sessions.
b) Drugs.
c) Health awareness campaigns.

C.Food supply projects:

1. 1500 sacks monthly
2. Ramadan Meals (35000 meal in Ramadan)
3. Ramadan Bags (3000 bag each year)
4. موائد الرحمن

D.Health projects:

1. Dental Campaign (Treatment of children in the underprivileged villages).
2. Buying Medical Equipment (Most needed in the governmental hospitals; used in sophisticated surgeries.
3. Health awareness campaigns.