Rebuilding of Houses

Houses renovation and rebuilding ar Al Asfer Village, El Fayoum city.

Renovation was divided into two phases; each consisting of 20 houses.
The first phase was accomplished and handed over to the villagers on 10/12/2011. The second phase was handed over on 10/01/2012.

Renovation Specifications:

• Supplying power, power meters and light bulbs.

• Extending water pipes and water meters.

• Installing the necessary faucets.

• Supplying sewage pipes.

• Applying ceramic to floors and walls, installing the basin and necessary appliances plus the kitchen sink installations and faucets.

• Installing wooden bars covered with concrete cement for insulation to ceilings of houses to protect from leaking rain water.

• Applying flooring with marble broken-chip tiles.

• Installing wooden doors and windows.

• Painting houses on the inside and outside.

• Building outer staircases.

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