High Board

Engy Mansour

Eng. Engy Mansour

Cofounder of Lebaladna.
President of Lebaladna 2013-2014.
Human Resources Manager at MSA University.

Hosni El-Shahawy:

Eng. Hosni El-Shahawy

Cofounder of Lebaladna.
Vice Chairman of Premix Concrete Company.
Head of Fundraising Department of Lebaladna 2013-2014.

Ahmed Nabil

Eng. Ahmed Nabil.

Foundation Developer .
Vice President of Lebaladna 2013-2014.
Structural Engineer at Arab Consulting engineers.
Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University.

Yousef Kamal

Eng. Yousef Kamal.

Cofounder of Lebaladna.
Head of Projects Department of Lebaladna 2013-2014.
Petrochemical engineer.