19 Jul

Orphans campaign 2014

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lebaladna has a vision not only dreams… let’s start with the new generation of Egypt… Let s start with the fresh minds.. the pure souls… Join us in a trial to secure them a better future.
Orphans campaign .

شارك لبلدنا في توفير لهم مستقبل افضل .

14 Jul

Lebaladna Heads Recruitment

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This is the time where each outstanding individual that worked hard and contributed in setting the corner stone for Lebaladna Foundation ought to pass on the knowledge and help other outstanding individuals to leave their legacy and contribution in making Lebaladna a better place to the upcoming generations.

Lebaladna Foundation is proudly announcing the HEADS RECRUITMENT for the term 2014-2015 for all the teams.

If you’re interested in joining our amazing team, kindly fill in the form posted on this event to receive the list of requirements. Prepare your plans ahead and get ready for the interviews.

10 Jul

Escorting orphans around the world

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You might have the intention to do something .. With us you can do everything. Join us in the Orphans Campaign.

06 Jul

the real meaning of charity

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Lebaladna is teaching youth from all over the world the real meaning of charity by involving them in its activities.


04 Jul

Ramadan Packing and Distributing in Geziret el Dahab

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A random day in packing and distributing while lebaladna members are setting a great example in leading the youth to positively impact the community.